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We want to create a industry leading renovation experience

We do things differently…

SLEAQ was created by its establishing Director, Alex Stone to fill a hole in the renovation market. Alex has a breadth of experience across numerous industries in varying capacities, from customer service to sales through to middle management.

As a child, art, photography and graphic design were key interests. It wasn’t until he moved from the UK to Australia, that an opportunity presented itself with a large joinery manufacturer which enabled him to re-establish his love for design and passion for customer service.

Over the last 7 years Alex has worked on hundreds of projects, helping customers realise their dream renovations. During this time he heard endless stories from customers that had received terrible experiences in the past.  It was clear to him that there were some serious, key failings in the industry that didn’t sit well with him.

  • Dated sales techniques used leaving customers feeling uncomfortable in their own homes.
  • Services or products sold that did not meet customer expectations.
  • Sub-standard communication and response times.
  • Undisclosed costs that would appear later in a project.
  • Unfinished projects with unresolved issues.
  • Failure to accept responsibility for mistakes.

Throughout his professional career he always had the customer at the front of any decision he had to make. He understood that the customers experience would determine the success of the business he was representing. None of these failings is consistent with quality customer service or a positive customer experience.

Some people may only renovate once in their lifetime. That means a lot of people are new to the process and rely on other professionals to provide an open, honest and value driven service. The reality is that you often hear of customers that have experienced some or all the above. Alternatively, they were let down by underqualified or inexperience so called “professionals” that resulted in a terrible, often costly experience.

Alex recognised that there was an opportunity for a business that put the customer firmly in the driving seat:

  • A no gimmicks approach. We won’t try and sell to you. SLEAQ relies purely on its own merits and customers wanting to work with us because of how we can help them.
  • SLEAQ is not aligned with any one supplier or their specific offering. We therefore create a package built wholly around the customer, their needs, and expectations.
  • If you can’t reach a recommended supplier for any reason SLEAQ is committed to always be at the other end of the phone.
  • We believe in complete transparency. We are open and honest about all costs associated with our services and those of our recommended suppliers.
  • No project should ever be left unfinished. We only recommend suppliers that share our same high standards and commitment to our customers.
  • Mistakes happen. SLEAQ works with its recommended suppliers to find solutions not problems.
  • We only recommend fully licenced, insured suppliers for complete piece of mind.

The word SLEAQ itself is a nod to that vision. To “streamline” the renovation process and improve the customer experience by challenging the norm and mixing it up.

Now there is a business that provides a service purely focused on the customer experience. Where we fill the gap between the customer and suppliers creating clarity for everyone resulting in happy customers and a successful, stress free renovation.

If you would like to talk with Alex directly about your project, he would love to hear from you. Call 0406 803 361 for a friendly chat.

What's so good about SLEAQ?

We offer a FREE initial design consultation in your home. You can book that here.

We are not tied to a particular company, set of products or specific services. We are completely impartial.

We start with understanding you, your requirements and your style preferences. Our first priority is creating beautiful spaces that simply work and you will love to live in.

We draw on over 7 years of industry experience ensuring we blend style and functionality perfectly. We also use the latest 3D computer software to help you visualise your space.

We don’t waste endless hours of your time. We schedule structured meetings at convenient times to you. In your home or via video chat. We will even work out of hours if required.

Once your design is complete you own it. You are free to take it wherever you wish.

We compile a selection of price options for you. We review them and will provide you with analysis on each one.

We help you to pick the best solution for your budget and individual requirements.

Finally we connect you to your project team and support you until the project is finished.

Why is SLEAQ right for me?

We save you time so that you can concentrate on the most important things in your life. Work, family, recreation… you get to continue enjoying your spare time while we look after getting the right team in place for your renovation.

What are you waiting for?

Now there’s no excuse not to get your renovation underway today.