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Q: What does a Renovation Broker do?

A: A Renovation Broker works in the same way as a Mortgage Broker. After designing the perfect solution for your space(s) a Renovation Broker will send out the scope of works for your project to a selection of trusted companies who will provide quotes for the work. Once these prices have been received they are reviewed with the best options being presented back to you. This ensures you get a complete view of the market and can make an educated decision on the best option based on all the information. This saves you time and money as a broker will also negotiate the very best deal for you using their relationship with suppliers to your advantage.

Q: Do you Project Manage?

A: No, we do not personally Project Manage however this service is often packaged with either the builder or joiner depending on the size/scope of your project. This will be discussed during your initial consultation while forming your project brief.

Q: Do I have to use the services of the companies that you recommend?

A: Absolutely not. Once your design work has been signed off you own your drawings and therefore can take them anywhere you want should you wish.

Q: Once you connect us to our chosen company(s) do we have any further contact with our designer?

A: Yes of course. We want to ensure that our customers have an amazing renovation experience and as such your designer will act as a project consultant throughout should you need any advice or guidance at any point. They will be present at any site checks that take place and also during the final install so that they can celebrate the completion of the project with you.

Q: How much do your design services cost?

A: We offer a FREE in-home design consultation. If you decide to use our design services these start from as little as $165. Please contact us for further information.